While I was walking around in Chungmuro with John, we found this random toy camera shop called Toy Camera. Since the store is off the main street and also on the third floor on a rustic building, it might not be easy to locate if you don’t try hard enough, however, you’re good to go as soon as you see this door with a Lomo sign.

I’ve had a few toy cameras around but never had one I got super excited about. Diana+ was close enough but I never got to learn how to take decent shots with it. Then I thought I would give a try to Holga GCFN, the one with a glass lens unlike most of the toy cameras with plastic lenses. I was quite excited when I learned this shop had it, and had to go back to get one a few weeks later.

This shop has an extensive list of toy cameras as well as some nice films at good prices. If you’re into photography and look for some toys to play with, go to Chungmuro and check out this store. Definitely worth a try. The marketing manager of this shop, Justin, is a friendly guy and he speaks fairly good English as well so you will be fine even if you don’t speak Korean.

The address is 3F, 58-2, Chungmuro 3-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul and the phone number is +82(2)2285.5640.



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  1. This place is amazing, so many fun things to look at and buy and play with. I love their modest film selection and the fact that you were able to get me some Neopan there :)

  2. Did you see the place that opened up just underneath this one. It might be the same place that just moved, but this is Korea is you might just have two exactly the same shops right next to each other.

  3. Yeah, my friend told me that it’s the same shop. They just moved from the 3rd to 2nd floor of the same building. Have you visited the shop?

  4. Is this the lomo shop, or a store that sells a lot of lomo products? I heard there’s a lomo cafe in Hongdae, you should check that out!

  5. Wow- i found your blog and im so happy you posted about this- im going tomorrow! thanks for your blog… do you have any other info about the store?

  6. i went thanks so much for you post!!! its http://www.toycamera.co.kr

  7. ha! i just purchased my first Holga. hopefully will be here this week. i’d no idea there were any with glass lenses.

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