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February 9th, 2011

Blue Ridge Parkway

I spent almost about a month on the road in USA in the autumn last year. As I always do, I took so many random photos mostly to document my journey and some to add to my future portfolio assets.

Although I’ve been going through the photos from the trip for the past a couple months and uploaded quite a lot to my Flickr account, I still have a lot more to go through. I plan on finishing them by the end of the month and share the better ones with you whoever stumbled upon my blog that has rather been neglected for quite some time now.

I love my photos. Not because I think I’m a better photographer but because, like a lot of photographers I know of, I enjoy documenting my life through photos and looking at them helps me remember things better. When I look at the photos I took in the past, it’s very easy for me to remember the details of the moments such as how I felt when I was pressing the shutter, whether I was in a good mood or a bad one, what the air smelled like, how warm the sunlight was, etc. I was going through the photos from the trip and I realized once again how wonderful the trip was although it was rather challenging at times for me being more of a city girl than a camper.

I’m going to slowly upload the better photos from the trip starting from today and I guess it makes the most sense if I do it in the chronological order. So, here we are. I’m starting with some photos of Blue Ridge Parkway where we passed through on our way to Memphis. The colours of the mountains were so beautiful but the grey day with the rain weren’t too kind for the photos.

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December 10th, 2010

I’m back

It’s been a long time since I made the last entry on this blog. I’ve been busy working and traveling but I’m still alive. 45 days of the trip to USA was wonderful and I came back with a whole bunch of photographs to share. I developed most of the film photos but haven’t found enough time to go through all the digital ones just yet. I will upload them on my flickr whenever I find time between work.

Today, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite photographs from the trip. The more I take photos, I find myself appreciating the process of taking photos more than the results. The reason I like this photo so much is that it reminds me of the beautiful day driving up the California Highway 1 along the Pacific coastline, running into this old lady who was painting the ocean sitting by the ocean, having such a pleasant conversation with her, and how wonderful it felt to frame, focus, and release the shutter to capture the beautiful moment I was enjoying. Taking this shot with a Hasselblad was a bonus as it’s such a great camera with an excellent experience of photo taking process.

Anyway, here’s the photograph for you to view and I hope you would enjoy.
painter by the ocean, california

July 9th, 2010

Wedding in Braga.

I’ve been shooting quite a few wedding photos starting from my previous co-worker Miguel’s wedding in Braga, Portugal last year. While I was going through some of the wedding photo archives, I decided to post a few shots from my first wedding photo shoot.

I was lucky to be able to travel all the way to Braga for my first wedding photo assignment as well as to have some time to travel around in Portugal and Spain while I was on that side of the world. The church Miguel got married is the oldest Portuguese sanctuary called Bom Jesus do Monte and it was one of the most beautiful churches I’ve even seen.

Anyway, here are a few photos from that wedding.

April 23rd, 2010

Porto, Portugal

The grey and nostalgic weather yesterday reminded me of the day I was wandering around in Porto, Portugal. Such a lovely place to take a walk along the river, stop by at some random outdoor cafes for a glass of Port wine, get lost in allies where the buildings are tiled with beautiful Azulejo, and have a lovely dinner with a new friend at an awesome Moroccan restaurant by the river. I went through my photo archive to remember the days and wanted to share some of my favorite shots with you.

porto, portugal



a visitor.


cute butt.


porto wine tasting.

sarah tasting porto wine. :-)



her window.

by the window.



porto by night.

February 17th, 2010

Memory of India

I’ve been going through the photos from the trip to India in November last year. One part of the reason is to select photos for my online portfolio and the other part of the reason is to make a book to document and share my wonderful experience in India. I took way too many photos, it took me a couple months to process all the photos, and I shared 746 photos through Flickr a little by little.

Although it’s very time consuming going through all that photos and quite difficult to choose which ones to use, it has been a pleasant process as the photos remind me all those wonderful experiences and beautiful moments and I’m thankful to have had the chance. And, here, I came up with a few special ones to share with you.

My friend Sumit’s bride Khushboo at their Indian wedding.

The view from the hotel, Jaiwana Haveli, we stayed in Udaipur.

magic of light.
The light coming through the colorful curtains at the hotel we statyed was so beautiful.

many more hand made.
I can’t explain exactly why, however, I like this photo of the traditional Rajasthani puppets.

naru - ravanahatha musician.
This is Naru playing Ravanahatha, a popular fiddle of western India. We ran into him and his family by a lake in Udaipur on a beautiful sunny afternoon in November.

different lives.
I like the composition of this photo. The youth and the old, the street seller and the passerby, the perspective of the side and the back, and the line in between.

a perfect day.
I remember it so well how beautiful the sunset was and how pleasant the breeze felt in the evening at the rooftop restaurant.

indian dream.
I picked up this beautiful flower called Plumeria at a garden in City Palace. The fragrance was so nice and I had to take it with me to enjoy it for the rest of that afternoon.

happy kids.
Running into these kids on their way home from the school at a random residential area in Udaipur was the highlight of the trip. They were so happy to be photographed by a foreign traveler and we had a blast. In a while after this shot, I looked around and realized that the entire neighborhood came out to see us photographing. I manage to get their address in English so that I can send them the photos.

making a journal.
This old man told me that he has been making these journals for the past 60 years of his life and now that his son works with him as well.

It made my heart warm to see these two taking a break and enjoying the beautiful afternoon sunlight in Jaipur. I like to call it a beautiful shade of orange wall but I guess the wall supposed to be pink as Jaipur is called the pink city.

sunset at monkey temple.
We arrived at Monkey Temple (Galwar Bach) right about the sunset hour. I took sooooooo many photos of monkeys as I love them and had hard time choosing one single photo from them.